Your moments are my passion.

 I was born, raised, and have lived in Kansas City my entire life (except my college years at Iowa State University) where I did my undergrad.  Growing up in this city I have fond memories of so many different places and events.  It is also quite advantageous that I have lived or worked all over the city so finding new and fresh places  to capture your memories isn't a problem.

Memories are the fabric of happiness.  Love is simple.  Your memories are beautiful.  I set out to capture the essence of your existence as you truly exist.  The simplest and most candid of moments are the most memorable.  I am not into staging a pose or setting up a shot that does not align with your personalities.  This is why I offer consultations for my every type of session that I shoot.

You have spent the time to take a break from your life and I want to make every second that we all share worth your while.  I want to capture the moments that matter not just the moments that look good in an album or as part of my portfolio.

My approach to photography is to capture the moments that happen - even their imperfections.  Life is not staged and life can be very imbalanced.   My philosophy isn’t about capturing your family in matching outfits. It isn’t about showcasing forced smiles. I would choose a tickle-fight over saying "smile!" any day! Life isn’t posed, but it is beautiful. Imperfectly so. Life is about real moments; big or small, the moments that matter. My photography embraces these moments. Your moments are my passion.

My love of looking at my client's photos and editing them so that they look exactly how I envisioned it is one of my favorite things I get to do. I lose all concept of time when I am editing images and I am addicted to making your memories look their best. My goal is to create memories and turn them into pieces of art. Every shoot that I get inspires me to try something new and do something different! I always provide my clients the highest quality products that they will cherish forever.

When I am not behind the camera -  You can find my wife and me playing with our daughters at the park.  Capturing what life is all about is my passion.  Sharing my passion with the world is a dream come true.

I would love to talk with you and answer any questions you may have!  Feel free to contact me by phone or email at [email protected] or (816) 654-3081.